10 Things To Ask Yourself When Looking for a Small Group Health Plan

Finding an affordable group health plan for your business isn’t as challenging as it may seem. In order to help you get an idea on what type of plan will fit your company here are 10 things to ask yourself when looking for a small group plan. Use this list of questions, and together with the support of my insurance office we will help you find a plan that fits your company and your budget.

  1. Do you want to increase or decrease benefits?
  2. When does your group medical, dental and life coverage renew?
  3. What is the contribution you are able to put towards your employees plan?
  4. What do you like and dislike about your current plan?
  5. Do you have previous service issues with any carriers?
  6. Are there any doctors or hospitals you really like and don’t want to lose?
  7. What is most important to you and your employees about your medical plan? (i.e. doctors, benefits, cost)
  8. Are there any medications or health concerns we need to know about?
  9. What type of company are you? (corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership)
  10. When did your business start and what documentation do you have to support the start date?

Send us your answers and we’ll help you find a plan that fits your small business.

W. Ray Holt

Walter Ray Holt Insurance Services CA Lic. #0G59076