Aetna Advantage Plan for Individuals

If you live in California and are looking for a health plan that fits your needs you may want to take a look at the Aetna Advantage Plans for individuals, families, and the self-employed.

Aetna Advantage Plans offer some of the best choices and value to help meet your health coverage needs. We can help you choose an affordable health insurance coverage from Aetna. See Plans & Pricing for Aetna Advantage
Aetna Advantage Health Plans

Affordable quality & choices

Choose from a wide range of health insurance plans that offer excellent quality. Aetna Advantage plans are designed for maximum value, with lower monthly premiums, plus benefits for preventive care.You can choose how much to spend in premiums versus out-of-pocket expenses.

Robust coverage,competitive costs

Aetna offer plans with valuable featureswhich may include: An excellent combination of quality coverage and competitively priced premiums.  The freedom to see doctors whenever you need to, with no referrals needed. Coverage for preventive care, prescription drugs, doctor visits and hospitalization.  No deductible for well-women exams when you visit a network provider.  No claim forms to fill out when youuse a network provider.  Aetna’s nationwide provider network offers you a vast selection of licensed physicians and hospitals.

Family Coverage

Apply for coverage for yourself, your spouse, and children, or even just your children. Coverage can include prescription drugs, doctor visits, hospitalization and preventive care services.

Tax Advantages

Aetna also offer High Deductible plans thatare compatible with tax-advantaged Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). You can contribute money to your HSA tax-free. That money earns interest tax-free. And qualified withdrawals for medical expenses are tax-free, too.

Coverage when you travel

Like to travel? You have access to covered services from a nation wide network of doctors and hospitals that accept Aetna’s negotiated fees.